Social commitment

As a responsible social company, our main concern is people. Thus, we are aware of our liabilities as global economic agent. With that end, we create common wellness through quality employment, taking care of personal and professional relationships and promoting a healthy work environment while we search for an absolute quality.
We prioritize our customers’ interests, being empathetic and close to them, getting involved with them, so they end up seeing us more as a cooperating friend than as a mere supplier. We make an effort to show them our gratitude for their trust in Grupo acb.
Obviously, we cooperate with several social causes in order to support the creation of a better environment for those in need. This unavoidable collective promise is the most profitable, since it is ultimately our most humane asset.

Luís González,
president of the organization Asociación Sonrisa de Lunares.

Sonrisa de Lunares helps sick people who need to improve their quality of life and do not have the necessary means with professional and economical resources.

Environmental commitment

New water-based eco-friendly matt finish

Made with biological resins, solvents, oils, waxes and additives. It reduces the dependence from fossil raw materials. Our last contribution for reducing carbon footprint.